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From "Damian Sobieralski" <dsobi...@asu.edu>
Subject Newbie - Tapestry and Databases
Date Fri, 02 Mar 2007 20:06:46 GMT
I am wondering if anyone could assist me in resources for working with

  As a newbie, I've went through book and tutorial examples covering
form submission and page rendering in Tapestry. YAY!  But now I am ready
(I think) to dive into database access.  But a quick search on this
topic frightens me a more than a bit. Or, rather, lack of step by step
instructions on how to get this to work. I hear hand waving about Spring
integration but I cannot find someone who has created a tutorial on how
to do this. 

 So, can anyone recommend a good starting point?  I've used iBATIS and
Hibernate in "simple servlets". So I'm familiar with both of them.  It's
the Tapestry hooks to these persistence systems that confuse me to no
end. I know jack about Spring. I know about the same for Hivemind (other
than I know Tapestry uses it for version 4). Do I need to be a guru in
Spring and/or Hivemind to access a database within Tapestry?  Wowsers,
I'm willing to do that but that seems like a lot of work just to get to
the point of accessing a database from within Tapestry.

 I would greatly appreciate advice on where a newbie could start to
educate himself about accessing a database with Tapestry. I want to put
the work in. So I'm not asking for spoon fed help.  But I don't know
where to look for this information (or even what I should be searching
for). Web links, books, emails. I'll take any help that you can offer. I
also looked through the nabble archives of tapestry-user but didn't see
anything I could make heads or tails of.

 I did look on the Tapestry project website but I didn't see anything
titled "using Hibernate with Tapestry' or "using iBatis with Tapestry".
If suh links exist, I wouldn't be offended by a RTFM followed by a link
to this online resource :)

Thanks for any advice that you can share with me.

- Damian

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