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From "Nalin Gupta" <Nalin.Gu...@macquarie.com>
Subject Contrib:table and with editable form
Date Tue, 02 Jan 2007 05:01:07 GMT
Hi ,
I am having an issue with a table within a form. I have a checkbox that
I use in every table row , however the field associated to the checkbox
does not remember whether it was checked or not in the listener method.
I am not sure why. I have tried various approaches , including setting
the orignal "source" List to Persist("session"), storing it in the Visit

I have looked through John Reynold's wonderful tutorial from
n_1.html and have pretty much followed the examples given (although I
have modified it to use annotations and Tapestry 4.1 )

Maybe I am missing something obvious in the page lifecycle ?

Software : 
Tapestry 4.1.2-SNAPSHOT
Tomcat 5.0
JDK 1.5.0_07
I am using the contrib:table component to display the table and the
source contains a list of "Entity" objects :
Page class :
 public abstract void setResultingEntities(List<Entity> entities);
 public abstract List<Entity> getResultingEntities();
	/* Listener method. */
 	public ILink deleteEntity(IRequestCycle cycle) {
		// process the list
		List<Entity> list = getResultingEntities();
		System.out.println("getResultingEntities size is
		for (Entity object : list) {
			System.out.println("checking " + object.getRid()
+ "--" + object.isDeleteReady() + "--"
					+ object.getEntityName());
			if (object.isDeleteReady()) {
				System.out.println("*** RID " +
object.getRid() + " is ready to be deleted !!!");
		// return Page ....


Page HTML:
<form jwcid="@Form" listener="ognl:listeners.deleteEntity">
<table class="mytable"
pageSize="50" >
<span jwcid="checkColumnValue@Block">
<span jwcid="toDelete@Checkbox"
<span jwcid="@Submit" protect="true" value="Delete Entity"
class="formfieldbtn" />


The deleteReady field is a boolean in the "Entity" class. I am expected
this to be set to true when the checkbox is checked and the submit
button pressed.

Thanks in advance for your help,

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