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From Gerald Schöffel <tapestry...@online.de>
Subject AW: Re: https again and still absolutely clueless :(
Date Fri, 27 Jan 2006 17:35:08 GMT
Hi Cliff,

thank you for your feedback ! 

>I'm not a Apache expert, but I think that you can have Apache redirect your
>pages. Namely, when Apache gets http requests supposed to be https, Apache
>will redirect them to the https equivalent.
>Personally, I really like this kind of things be configured on Apache.

I am very new to Apache, too - as to the whole java-world :) 

So I installed mod_ssl and mod_rewrite - a very powerful extension. And I managed to redirect
all request going to http://something/secure/* to the https equivalent https://something/secure/*.

And it really works :)

Unfortunally the first thing I got in combination with Tapestry was a stale link exception
:( For my pages where a login is required I do a PageValidation and then internally redirect
to the Login.page. When clicking the submit button the stale link exception is thrown :(

Puh ... I have never thought that implementing https is such a pain :(

For the moment I gave it up - there is some tuning to be done on my application. But I really
have no idea, how to get things running after the application is ready :(

I already browsed through the hivemind documention and the service- and configuration-points,
looking for a good place to throw that filter thing in :)

Thanks again,

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