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From Gerald Schöffel <tapestry...@online.de>
Subject Re: https again and still absolutely clueless :(
Date Thu, 26 Jan 2006 21:08:13 GMT
Fernando Padilla wrote:

 > Though not very clean I use a javax.servlet.Filter that locks down parts
 > of the site by redirecting to/fro http/https.
 > Not the best/elegant option: 1) all dependent resources/images are https
 > when they don't have to be, 2) there are a few redirects that we
 > probably could do without.  But it does work for us quite nicely.

Hi Fernando,

thank you for this reply !

This seems to be very logical. I was just reading the documentation of 
Acegi - and there is also the possibility to use a Filter to provide 

So I do not think, that your solution is inelegant !

It is fine for directory based security constraints.

I actually do not know, what information is passed to such a Filter, but 
I guess it is 'just' http-stuff - far away from the Tapestry side of 
life ? :)

Would be great to get such a filter more 'into' Tapestry to implement 
constraints based on page/component properties or meta-data ... hmmm ... 
sounds really cool !

So I have to figure out where in the cycle such a service has to be 
injected ... if this is even possible.

That was a cool keyword :)

Thank you very much !!


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