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From Phil Ulrich <phil.ulr...@gmail.com>
Subject Multiple tables in a page (Tap 3.0.3)
Date Fri, 02 Sep 2005 20:10:35 GMT
I have a number of different objects that serve as models in my app.
Each of them has a variety of different elements but there are two
elements each has in common: name (getName()/setName()) and ID

On a single page of my app, there need to be multiple Table elements
(from the contrib library) which have one column - the name - and each
name is a DirectLink with the ID passed as a service parameter. When I
have a page with only one table, it's all good.

(Note: the tables are defined in the HTML like so:

<table jwcid="@contrib:Table" border="1" source="ognl:objects"
columns="ognl:columns" row="ognl:currentObject">
    <span jwcid="NameColumnValue@Block">
        <span jwcid="@DirectLink" listener="ognl:listeners.jumpTo"
            <span jwcid="@Insert" value="ognl:currentObject.name" />

ognl:columns calls getColumns(), which just returns "Name" - this is
in case columns have to be added later.)

The problem comes when I try to add a second table. The problem comes from:

<span jwcid="NameColumnValue@Block">

Since each type of object has a name, I have to use that form of
declaration (as far as I know, anyway...), but if I try to leave it
like that, I get an error about Multiple references to embedded
component NameColumnValue.

Is there any particular way around it? I'm using Tap 3.0.3 (and no,
upgrading to Tap 4 is not an option).


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