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From Ted Steen <ted.st...@gmail.com>
Subject Decimal rounding problems when working with currency.
Date Thu, 01 Sep 2005 21:39:57 GMT
Hi all!

I need to work with BigDecimal in order to represent decimal numbers
with greater precision than float.

If I need to store the (float) number 27.9 in a BigDecimal it
transforms into 27.89999999999999857891452847...

In tapestry I have my @TextField with translator:number
tied to a property "public abstract BigDecimal getAmount();"
problem is that tapestry seem to store 27.9 in a float (or maybe
double) before storing it in the BigDecimal which mess up the number.

Now are there a translator for BigDecimal, should I write my own
translator or should I re-thing the whole thing?


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