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From Jun Tsai <Jun.T...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: @InjectObject spring beans proxyed with Spring-AOP problem.
Date Fri, 02 Sep 2005 08:23:43 GMT
Patrick Casey wrote:
> 	Maybe it's Hivemind that's doing the enhancing, not Spring?
> Alternately it might be the annotation library or some other agency. I've
> had a lot of weirdness with CGLIC enhanced classes in the past (like they
> screw up potentially simple things like using the == operator to test for
> object identity if one side of the identity is "enhanced" into a new proxy
> in the meantime).
> 	Recently, my CGLIB problems seem to have settled down, which leads
> me to believe that I've probably just sub-consciously taken the "stop
> hitting your head on the wall if it hurts" approach to solving the problem. 
> 	I suspect it's something subtle, because as I mentioned
> theoretically 
> 	Foo f = (Foo) GCLIB_Enhanced_Foo should work

I have tried it.same problem happen.
> 	Other than pointing at GCLIB as a possible place to look, I can't
> offer any more help unfortunately :(.
> 	In the meantime, I need to get to bed; a day spent watching disaster
> video and being utterly unable to do anything is catching up with me.

Thank you.

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