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From Jun Tsai <Jun.T...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: @InjectObject spring beans proxyed with Spring-AOP problem.
Date Fri, 02 Sep 2005 07:20:35 GMT
Patrick Casey wrote:
> 	CGLIB is an enhancement library that a lot of open source packages
> use to create dynamic proxies of your classes (usually to bolt on their
> specific accessors and proxy code to your POJOs). It's used by both spring
> and hibernate pretty extensively, and it looks like you've got spring
> running. So what's happening is that spring is enhancing your class for you.
> 	*However* and this is the part where I get less helpful, an enhanced
> class *should* be a subclass of the original class, hence it should still be
> assignable. So, *in theory* you shouldn't get the error you're getting. In
> theory, of course, theory and practice are the same.
> 	One (possible serious voodoo) things that often help:
> 	Make all the methods of your testService public (not package scope,
> *public*).
> 	--- Pat

Thank your reply.
If I don't use @InjectObject,I can get the TestService directly by 
Spring and the testService object works fine.


Jun Tsai

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