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From Paul Ferraro <p...@columbia.edu>
Subject Re: Decimal rounding problems when working with currency.
Date Thu, 01 Sep 2005 22:07:54 GMT
The NumberTranslator internally uses java.text.DecimalFormat to 
parse/format numbers.  Unfortunately, DecimalFormat is only capable of 
parsing/formatting numbers with at most double precision or smaller.
To work with BigDecimal (or BigInteger for that matter) you will need to 
write your own Translator implementation.  Contribute your 
implementation to the tapestry.form.translator.Translators configuration 
point and you'll be able to leverage the translator binding prefix.


Ted Steen wrote:

>Hi all!
>I need to work with BigDecimal in order to represent decimal numbers
>with greater precision than float.
>If I need to store the (float) number 27.9 in a BigDecimal it
>transforms into 27.89999999999999857891452847...
>In tapestry I have my @TextField with translator:number
>tied to a property "public abstract BigDecimal getAmount();"
>problem is that tapestry seem to store 27.9 in a float (or maybe
>double) before storing it in the BigDecimal which mess up the number.
>Now are there a translator for BigDecimal, should I write my own
>translator or should I re-thing the whole thing?

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