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From Leonardo Quijano Vincenzi <leona...@dtqsoftware.com>
Subject Slow development cycle
Date Thu, 01 Sep 2005 22:00:30 GMT
Hi again,

I have a couple of questions, maybe some of you can help me out. It 
seems to me that web-app development using Tapestry is getting a bit 
slow. I had to turn off page-caching, since my changes weren't showing 
up, and now I end up doing a 10seconds change - compile - redeploy - 
test cycle.

Has anyone one you faced this problem? How do I:

1) Speed up Tapestry initialization:

15:54:11,620 INFO  [org.apache.tapestry.ApplicationServlet] Initialized 
application servlet 'SigepWeb': 5,658 millis to create HiveMind 
Registry, 12,278 millis overall.

... 12 seconds, is this normal? My app barely has 6 pages!

2) I guess this could be a non-Tapestry related issue. But maybe someone 
can help. How do I use hot-deploying on tomcat for Tapestry classes? 
Everytime I change a page's code I have to restart the whole app (that's 
30secs for Spring, 12-15secs for Tapestry - a whole minute on every page 
change?). Things would be so much better if JBoss didn't throw its 
hot-deployment errors on me. Any ideas?

3) Develop with the Tapestry cache enabled. I found out I couldn't use 
tapestry page cache while developing. It doesn't get any changes I make 
to a page, and I end up rebouncing the app (yep, that's another 
minute!). Am I doing something wrong?

(btw, I'm using MyEclipse 4M3 on a JBoss server. Maybe I could change 
servers, any recommendations?)

Ok, I think that's all. Thanks in advance for any help.

Ing. Leonardo Quijano Vincenzi
Director T├ęcnico
DTQ Software

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