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From Robert Zeigler <rdzei...@u.arizona.edu>
Subject Re: Easy way to change column rendering for the contrib:Table?
Date Wed, 07 Jul 2004 01:36:10 GMT
I'm not sure I'm entirely clear on what you're asking; if you don't want 
the nested table stuff (I'm also curious as to why that's rendered that 
way...? ;), then I can't really help you as I've not delved deep enough 
into using the table component to say. However, if all you're looking 
for is styling (eg: font color, size, style, etc.), you just need to use 
descendant selectors...

.TestColumnHeader table td {
    /*apply your style here*/

The above css would look for any td within a table, within some element 
that had the class "TestColumnHeader" and apply whatever styling you 
want... (you may have to play w/ the selecting a bit... eg: 
.TestColumnHeader td { /*style*/} should also work, but... play with it 
a bit. ;)


Brandon Staton wrote:
> Hello,
> The default rendering of each column header in the Table component wraps
> each String around an inner table.  The Table component gives hooks to
> add a style class to each column header, but is there a way to add a
> style that will alter the actual text that is rendered without
> implementing all the low level table components?
> For example, the default implementation renders:
> <th class="TestColumnHeader">
> 	<table border=0 cellspacing=0 cellpadding=0 align="center">
> 	    <tr>
> 	        <td><a href="sampleLink">Header String</a></td>
> 	    </tr>
> 	</table>
> </th>
> Is there a class definition for TestColumnHeader in the above example
> that will change how the "Header String" is rendered?
> Thanks,
> Brandon Staton

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