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From "F. Da Costa Gomez" <daco...@xsall.nl>
Subject dynamic component, may not appear inside an ignored block?
Date Sat, 06 Dec 2003 16:35:36 GMT
Following is an error I get based on the two snippets of code shown below.

Could not parse template 
classpath:/org/dcg/tests/treetable/TreeTableTestFlexible.html, line 22
Tag <span> on line 22 is a dynamic component, and may not appear inside 
an ignored block.
classpath:/org/dcg/tests/treetable/TreeTableTestFlexible.html, line 22

                <colgroup jwcid="nrOfCols">
*error*=>  <span jwcid="colDefinitions">
                    <col jwcid="columnClassName" />

  public int getNrOfCols() {
    return _columnDescriptions.size();

  <component id="colDefinitions" type="Foreach">
    <binding name="source" expression="headerColumns"></binding>
    <binding name="value" expression="headerColumn"></binding>
  <component id="columnClassName" type="Insert">
    <binding name="class" 
expression="getColumnClassName(components.colDefinitions.value)" />
I guess its normal but I haven't seen this one before and just don't 
know where to look.
Tried to switch lines as well, work with span(s)  but it just does not 
go away (yet).

Any pointer(s) would be appreciated.

Fermin DCG

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