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From "Adam Greene" <agre...@romulin.com>
Subject RE: Re[6]: Non-latin charset in JavaScript messages
Date Wed, 27 Aug 2003 14:57:27 GMT
What are you using as a server, Tomcat, Websphere, etc?

In Tomcat, you could simply create the directory structure
org/apache/tapestry/valid under common/classes in the tomcat directory and
put the language specific files there.

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From: Denis Ponomarev [mailto:oz@romsat.ua]
Sent: Wednesday, August 27, 2003 11:19 AM
To: Tapestry users
Subject: Re[6]: Non-latin charset in JavaScript messages

>> I am using 3.0.

MB> I should have specified, I guess -- please use 3.0 beta-2. The earlier
MB> releases of 3.0 do not have the encoding facilities.

In 3.0 beta-2 everything works fine! Thanks a lot!

And last question on this topic - how can I add my localized version
of the ValidationStrings.properties file?

I understand that I can bind messasges from my Page.properties file to
the message-properties of validators, but this is inconvenience to do
it over all my application.

I found this in the BaseValidator class:

ResourceBundle strings =


So default class loader used to load strings. As I understand it can't
see my application's classpath, isn't it?

Any suggestions?

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