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From Hermann Röscheisen <n...@gojenboom.de>
Subject [newbie] Iterating through all libraries bound
Date Tue, 26 Aug 2003 09:56:38 GMT

knowing a lot about WebObjects I'm quite new to Tapestry, so this 
question may be very silly ;-)

I want to extend the Tapestry library mechanism to work like frameworks 
in WebObjects. Every framework (library) may have a "principal" class 
which is loaded before any content of the framework (library) is 
accessed. This class performs framework setup, installs notification 
listeners, etc.

My questions:
- How can I iterate through all libraries bound to the application?
- How can I access the content of *.application and *.library files 
respectively. (I want to add the principal class name as additional 

I've found some pieces in Engine, Namespace, LibrarySpecification, 
ApplicationSpecification but putting it all together the right way 
seems difficult to me.

Thanks for your help.

Hermann Röscheisen, Am Gojenboom 33a, 22111 Hamburg
E-Mail: hr@gojenboom.de, Fon: (040) 65 99 43 54

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