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From Dan Wells <dan_we...@byu.edu>
Subject ognl syntax and Border component
Date Mon, 04 Aug 2003 17:17:09 GMT
My apologies in advance for the next two potentially stupid questions,
but it is Monday morning :)

1. When I see a <input jwcid="inputName@TextField"... component
reference in the html template, I want to understand more completely the
meaning of the @ symbol.  I noticed in the ognl docs it is an operator
for accessing static fields and methods. So...

a.  What is the complete meaning of the @ symbol in the example above?
Could I say it is typing the inputName identifier as a TextField?

b.  What is the benefit of doing this as opposed to just <input
jwcid="@TextField"....  Is it so any javascripts I add to the page can
reference the tag by the name "inputName"?

2. As I'm studying the Vlib sample app, I noticed the Border component
spec has a large number of context-asset elements that are not
referenced anywhere else in the app.  Was this a left-over from a
previous version?  Or is it there just in case in the future they will
be used, or are they just examples of how you would do it if you needed
Dan Wells <dan_wells@byu.edu>

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