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From Dan Wells <dan_we...@byu.edu>
Subject Vlib problems - info for beta-2
Date Fri, 01 Aug 2003 17:37:26 GMT
Hi all,

I've read all the docs, got some simple apps working, and got the
Workbench working in Tomcat.  Now I'm trying to get my Vlib example app
working in JBoss.  I wiped my Jboss setup, downloaded v3.0.6, followed
the instructions in the Readme.html that came with Tapestry's 3.0-beta-2
distribution to set it up, but when the ant script is starting Jboss, I
get some XML parsing errors.  I attached a file with the relative log
file lines.

To fix the problem, I had to edit the jbosscmp-jdbc.xml and the
jboss.xml files for the vlibbeans.jar.  They did not have the closing
'?' symbol of the <?xml version=.... element on the first line.

Next I got an exception specifying a class in the bcel library was not
found.  I found out that the bcel library was not in the lib directory
of the tapestry server environment of JBoss.  So I copied it over, and
now all works just fine!

Dan Wells <dan_wells@byu.edu>

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