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From "DarkIT Mail.RU" <dar...@mail.ru>
Subject another renderComponent question
Date Tue, 29 Jul 2003 09:59:01 GMT
hi alls,

I have a component :
JWC file:

<component-specification class="MyComponent"
  allow-body="yes" allow-informal-parameters="no">
  <description>My component</description>
  <parameter name="key" property-name="key" type="java.lang.String" direction="in" required="no"/>

HTML file:
<span jwcid="$content$">
    <span jwcid="@RenderBody">Render body</span>

And it's used in page like this :

<span jwcid="myComponentId">
    <strong>Test Home Page</strong>
    <span jwcid="insertDate"/>

In my component I overloaded renderComponent function and i was very
wondered that this method is invoked twice. Is it a bag or is it a
feature. If it's feature , i can't undestand it, because we do the
same work twice.

Best regards,
 DarkIT                            mailto:darkit@mail.ru

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