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From Geoff Callender <geoff.callender.jumpst...@gmail.com>
Subject Discussion on AJAX requests need even more than a context?
Date Wed, 19 Mar 2014 12:45:58 GMT
So it seems we're pretty much agreed that each AJAX-capable component needs a context parameter,
which its containing component can use to restore its state (usually its parameters) before
it makes any decisions. 


But what if other components on the page need to know their state, too, before they can update
their zoned contents?

For example, a list of persons, L, in one part of the page might need to refresh itself whenever
a person is edited in component E somewhere else on the page. That's easy (with a bit of bubbling
up and perhaps some calls down, or perhaps a bit of pub-sub), unless L is filtered, like this:


E doesn't know about L or its filter, and nor should it, so the context on the submit in E
will not contain filter info.

In that example I found an OK-ish solution but I'm looking for a better way. The solution
I found was to make L return javascript that submits the filter form. I made use of the fact
that the client knows its state. But I'd prefer not to have that extra round-trip.

So here's a crazy idea...

What if, when the filter is submitted, we could do something like this:

	ajaxResponseRenderer.setQueryParameters("filter", filterValue);

and Tapestry, client-side, would set that parameter on *every* Form, EventLink, Select, etc.
in the page. That way, no matter what event request comes to the server, its request will
be carrying the latest filter value. In the example above, L would always be able to find
out the current filter:

	String filterValue = request.getParameter("filter");

Crazy, right?

I suppose that each component that wants to use this facility would need a way to tell Tapestry
its initial values. Perhaps this could be declarative.



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