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From Ulrich Stärk <...@spielviel.de>
Subject Re: The bitter end of rsync-backed site management is coming Jan 1.
Date Tue, 11 Dec 2012 19:19:51 GMT
Yes, I want to see something like what you describe as well. Ideally something that can also
generate different output formats like PDF and HTML. But we won't have that by Jan 1. So the
short-term goal is to take a first step, convert to svnpubsub, but keep our existing documentation


On 11.12.2012 19:55, Howard Lewis Ship wrote:
> And what's the point at which the cost of doing this exceeds the cost of
> switching to a proper tool?  I see Confluence as an impediment to writing
> documentation; it is very slow, the markup language is poorly thought out
> and idiosyncratic, and the publishing mechanism is
> chewing-gum-and-bailing-wire.
> I would prefer a tool that treated documentation source as source files,
> and made it easy to generate documentation in multiple formats, and easy to
> adapt to our purposes. I want a tool that lets me be DRY. I want a tool
> that can access actual Java source code and include it into a page, so that
> we can ensure our samples are accurate.
> I'm on a hunt for such a tool.  Our process would then be: check out
> documentation source, compile it HTML in a SVN workspace, check that
> workspace in, see it live.
> On Mon, Dec 10, 2012 at 11:22 PM, Ulrich Stärk <uli@spielviel.de> wrote:
>> we'll probably copy it over, monitor changes to the original and
>> incorporate them when we know that

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