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From Tom van Dijk <...@tvandijk.nl>
Subject Questions regarding Configuration Groups / Multiple Databases
Date Mon, 18 Jul 2011 17:34:52 GMT
Hi all of you,

After a break from development (concentrating on my CS studies) I find 
myself with some summer free time and updated my tapestry git tree.

Currently I have a number of commits that might be useful. Most are 
related to the thing I was working on earlier, having multiple databases 
support using configuration groups.

Now I know that there might be a different way to get multiple databases 
support, which I did not test myself yet. What I'm doing here is 
extending the IoC in a way that might be useful in other ways as well.

The extension is simple: it allows reusing existing (in-use) service 
implementation, with a different marker. We can identify groups of 
services that are tightly related and that all need to be properly wired 
to eachother. They can be called "configuration groups"... maybe someone 
has a better name, feel free to suggest one. With the idea in mind that 
we would prefer to identify services using just the interface they 
implement and additional markers, this is the perfect way to get 
multiple services with the same implementation and a different 

The commits I have available are:

1. a typo fix, "cxreateProvider". Should I make a JIRA issue out of it 
or can some committer just fix this without all the paperwork?

2. TAP5-1321. If there are no reasons why this couldn't be in, I can 
update the JIRA issue.

3. Related to this is a commit that adds a new getObject() to 
RegistryImpl and a getMarkers() to RegistryImpl, which are necessary for 
configuration groups. Do you want me to add this commit to TAP5-1321, or 
to the configuration groups patch?

4. TAP5-1313 The commit that introduces configuration groups.

5. TAP5-1313 (2) The commit that modifies tapestry-hibernate and 
tapestry-hibernate-conf to allow multiple databases.

6. TAP5-1475 A feature "fix" in tapestry-upload. Maybe a committer can 
get assigned to this issue so it gets resolved?

Those were my questions.

If you want to see the current version of my patches, you can use my git 
repository, at git://hetdiana.dyndns.org/tapestry5.git ... it may be out 
of date if I don't update it regularly by rebasing everything against 
the apache git repo.



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