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From Kalle Korhonen <kalle.o.korho...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: GSOC 2011 proposal
Date Thu, 24 Mar 2011 02:47:57 GMT
Thanks for volunteering Dragan. I think it's too good of a opportunity
for T5 to pass up. I think there are many more qualified T5 committers
to serve as mentors (hoping that Andreas would step up :) but if all
the other committers are too busy, I'll do it. I'm way busy at the
moment myself but I'll make time to make a strong proposal for
whatever topic you and us decide on.


On Wed, Mar 23, 2011 at 3:15 PM, dragan.sahpaskix@gmail.com
<dragan.sahpaskix@gmail.com> wrote:
>  Hi,
> I want to be a T5 GSOC student because I want to contribute to the T5
> community and I think that the GSOC programme can provide me with mentorship
> (from a T5 commiter or high skilled developer) that will get me familiar
> with the internals of the T5 web framework and IOC container.
> I know that the T5 devs are really busy, but I think it wont be much of a
> burden for the mentor to have me as a student because I have some background
> with t5, and I’m available on IM and email 24/7 (no fullltime obligations -
> just studies).
> I'm a first year masters student from Macedonia and I have about 2.5 years
> experience with t5. I'm pretty familiar with Tapestry IOC, I've done AOP and
> meta-programming in t5 and I know jQuery (for some custom components).
> Here are some of my thoughts about potential GSOC 2011 tasks. Please give me
> some guidlines to discuss these or new ideas that would benefit the T5
> community the most in order to get my proposal good and ready ASAP.
> GSOC 2011 - Applicant Dragan Sahpaski
> Tapestry ideas/proposals:
>   1. Grid component enhacements:
>      1. Sorting: Support url query parameters for sort keys (property ids
>      in the BeanModel). Example without zones: If you have a List<Employe>
>      and sort by employee.department you can get a URL like:
>      /employeeslist?sort=department&order=asc.
>      Example with zones: /employeeslist#sort=department&order=asc.
>      The SPI behaviour can be generalized for zones but thats a different
>      story all together.
>      2. Pagination: better pager. Also page-number can go into the url.
>      3. Better HibernateDataSource for the grid
>      4. Changing column order and visibility and saving this in a db.
>       2. Multi-upload component:
>      1. based on http://valums.com/files/2010/file-uploader/demo.htm
>      https://github.com/valums/file-uploader
>   1. Persistence strategy for persisting @Persist-ed fields in the DB.
>   Exporting and changing saved values between users. Example: This is usefull
>   when you are building a personalized app and the user changes UI state that
>   gets saved in the DB and the changes he did are there the next time he logs
>   in.
>   1. Asynchronous DB operations. This would be a use case where the DB
>   operation is not causing changes visible to the user so the request does not
>   need to wait for it. Example: Logging requests, the user is not aware of
>   this and doues not have to wait the logged request to get commited.
>   1. Asynchronous Ajax updates (like gmail). I have no idea how to do this
>   ATM but its a very compelling UI feature.
>   1. Right click menu: Comprehensive configuration options. Use it as a
>   mixin, component etc. Have it configured by page, component etc.
>   1. Better transaction support with Hibernate.
>   2. Integrate Tapestry with some NoSQL database. I have small experience
>   with CouchDB and MongoDB.
> Cheers,
> Dragan Sahpaski

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