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From Katia Aresti <katiaare...@gmail.com>
Subject IndexV2 - multi navigator and boxes pretty
Date Fri, 24 Dec 2010 14:51:03 GMT
Hi all,

I'm happy to announce that my work on *IndexV2 is almost finished*.


*IE 7 and IE 8 problems are fixed. *

*IE 6 :* Doesn't work as the others. PNGs for example are not supported by

It could happen to improved little things easily on IE6 (make the div appear
on top ?), but I don't think we should expend more time than that. Efforts
on IE6 will be big just for few people, as I don't believe that there are so
many tapestry 5 programmers that use IE6. IE6 is not supported by Microsoft
since this summer, confluence does not support IE6 neither. Even if some
companies are still using it, it's a matter of time, not much, for them to
move forward to 7, 8 or 9. Today sites are just saying : sorry for IE6, not
supported. *(go and see Grails site on IE6)*

My point is to say that I think IE 6 is not a blocking navigator and that we
could start moving content (we could try to fix little things it later just
if corrections do not force us to write crappy css and html or change images
format )

*@All :* I would like to know your opinion about what I say about IE6.

*IMPORTANT  (Please, take 1 minute to read this ):*
There is a general problem with the layout and little corrections to report.

The most important one is that all the navigators display well the content
DIV on the middle ( the DIV 1000px width). Suprisgnly, IE plays his own game
and the 1000px content is aligned on the left.
In order to correct this issue, somebody with the rights to change the
general layout must do the following :

Actual HTML

           <div class="wrapper bs">
                 {navidation bar included here}

*                 // here is included page's content*

Modifications to report

*//correction on footer *
#footer {

  *//actual properties + margin top modification*
   margin-top : 25px !important;
   margin-top : 100px; // for IE

*//correction on features boxes*
.feature {
    #height: 150px; // for IE

*//correction alignment*
#contentWrapperCenter {
   width : 100%;

#wrapper {

*  //actual properties + add the text-align*

   text-align : justify;

#aside {
*  // actual properties + add text align*

   text-align : left;

*          <div id="contentWrapperCenter" align="center">*
               <div class="wrapper bs">
*                     // here is included the pages content*
*         </div>*

Merry Christmas !!


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