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From Piero Sartini <li...@pierosartini.de>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] Tapestry homepage redesign
Date Wed, 26 May 2010 11:09:34 GMT
> Let's make a decision on this point, but I think we have to keep the menu
> line simple with only key items. In my humble opinion, sub menus or a two
> lines menu are too much :)
> If we really need to push others links, let's place them somewhere else,
> like under the main content, under the fresh news, or like JRuby does with a
> slider.

I think we will need a submenu - but I am with you that it should be
located somewhere in the main content area (and not in the top link

> [Twitter & fresh content]
> Twitter is a must have. It's true that we could also use confluence for that
> but we've got to have a presence on Twitter. Every buzz start from this
> social network. By the way, there are RSS feeds for each twitter profile.

I don't think we should use twitter to manage our news. Its true that
twitter is important, but I think we need a master that is under our
What do you think about using confluence and pushing the news to
twitter, facebook and others automatically? This should be possible
through the RSS functionality.

> I also first thought about using #tapestry5 hash tag but there is a problem
> with this approach: we don't have the control over what is said. What if
> someone tweet something like "#tapestry5 is too complicated!" ? With a
> custom twitter account, we can push a selection of tweets from other people
> by simply doing RT.

In my oppinion this is something we can't, and more important should
not control. If we want to build a healthy community, we can't start
to censor oppinions. But I guess this was related to using twitter as

My proposal: use confluence for managing news - but pesent a "latest
buzz" box at the start page as well (which includes everything postet
with #tap5 or #tapestry5 ).

> I see the same problem if we push last emails from the mailing list.

I really don't see this as a problem - tapestry is a community effort
and we should not be afraid of bad oppinions. Its better to have a few
bad headlines on the start page from time to time than don't have any
community stuff in place.


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