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From Igor Drobiazko <igor.drobia...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] Thoughts and directions for 5.2 and beyond
Date Thu, 20 May 2010 21:09:05 GMT
I would like to see more Tapestry IoC features which make it easier to use
the container in a non-web-application. I posted some jira issue which I'm
going to fix in the next weeks.

As Thiago already mentioned annotations & proxies are very annoying right
now. Maybe I'll have a look at this too.

Also integration with CDI is a must have for marketing stuff. It would be
nice to make Tapestry CDI compliant with "standards".

On Thu, May 20, 2010 at 4:19 AM, Howard Lewis Ship <hlship@gmail.com> wrote:

> I'm beginning to wind down on changes I want to make for Tapestry 5.2.
>  As you may know, I've been balancing my time between two different
> clients, as well as development of Tapestry itself, and of course, my
> three month old son (another prime consumer of my time).
> In any case, I've made quite a few changes to Tapestry to support the
> needs of my clients, and also to start two important transitions:
> The first transition is to move away from Javassist to a simpler, more
> stable (more JDK 1.6 compatible) approach to dynamic class generation
> and runtime bytecode transformation.  This has been reflected in the
> new ClassTransformation APIs.  However, there is more yet to do,
> including a similar update of the ClassFactory/ClassFab APIs. Will
> that last part make it into 5.2?
> The second transition is the gradual re-writing of the tapestry.js
> client-side layer. As I've grown more proficient in client-side
> JavaScript, I've been moving away from my early approach, which was
> essentially Java-in-JavaScript, by way of leveraging the Protoype
> class functionality.  Where I'm at now is a more functional (if still
> stateful) approach based almost entirely on event publishers and
> observers combined with JavaScript closure functions. I feel a gradual
> move in that direction is the way towards eventually replacing
> Prototype & Scriptaculous with jQuery, and making it possible to
> cleanly support other JavaScript foundations.
> I've been hoping to introduce two additional layers on top of
> Tapestry: support for Spring Web Flow and for Portlet development.
> Both of these keep getting deferred out due to lack of time on my
> part.
> In addition, I feel that the current Tapestry URL rewriting layer
> needs to be revisited, even in a non-backwards compatible way. The
> current approach has a number of gaps in functionality, and a somewhat
> awkward approach. I think we could create something simpler and more
> effective (and capable of handling asset URLs as well as component
> event and page render request URLs).
> I know there's a backlog of bugs to be dealt with; some are hard, many
> are not. Some are drudgery. It would be nice to see at least the
> low-hanging fruit addressed. Simply cleaning up duplicate issues in
> the backlog would be a great benefit!
> I'd be interested to hear what the other developers see as must-haves
> for a 5.2.  I know I'd like to see what's going on with the new
> Confluence documentation.
> I think, once we draw a line in the sand, we can have a final 5.2
> release out very quickly (the code is stable and well tested). In
> fact, finalizing before JavaOne in September would be ideal.
> I am, however, concerned about memory and performance issues brought
> on by the new ClassTransformation APIs. We may need to find some time
> to profile & optimize that part of Tapestry.
> Finally, after 5.1 I deliberately took a step back from coding
> Tapestry; my original intention was to not let myself be distracted
> from writing a book. The book didn't happen, I've been fortunately
> quite busy with Tapestry project work, but I was immensely pleased at
> the way the other committers filled the gap in terms of new features,
> the new CI server and Nexus, and backporting of important fixes to
> stable releases, and now the documentation upgrade on the Confluence
> server.  Truly awesome!  But for 5.3, I expect to start writing new
> code as soon as 5.2 hits the release servers, if not sooner!
> --
> Howard M. Lewis Ship
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> learn how I can get you up and productive in Tapestry fast!
> (971) 678-5210
> http://howardlewisship.com
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Best regards,

Igor Drobiazko

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