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From Mike Sandman <m...@thesandmans.com>
Subject Re: Tapestry and OSGi
Date Tue, 15 Jul 2008 06:42:56 GMT
Robert Zeigler wrote:
> Yes and no.
> On the one hand, it's nice for each sub-project to have its own 
> release lifecycle, etc.
> On the other hand, it makes it really easy to know what is compatible 
> with what.
> Consider a scenario like:
> tapestry-core 5.0.14 requires:
>   tapestry-ioc 5.0.7
>   tapestry-annotations 5.0.3
> Since it's a hibernate-based app, we'll be using:
>   tapestry-hibernate 5.0.9
> Hm... what are the dependencies of tapestry-hibernate 5.0.9? Is it on 
> tapestry-core 5.0.9? Or later? Or 5.0.14? Or...?
> Keeping the version numbers and the releases in-sync makes it easier 
> for a person to wrap his/her head around what goes with what.
> Robert
i do like the (theoretical) increase in agility from 
release-per-subproject.  i also concede that a big-thump release is 
simpler.  however, isn't the intent of Maven to make just these kinds of 
dependencies trivial to manage?  i think the more important 
question--rather than is it manageable--is: is it needed? 

one thought would be to review "release-readiness" for each subproject 
on an on-going basis.  meaning, for each subproject make note of when 
that subproject is ready for another release relative to the time to 
next release of the whole project.  it should be straight forward to 
determine if the agility gained by releasing subprojects independently  
is worth the added work of configuring the Maven builds to manage 


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