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From "Jesse Kuhnert" <jkuhn...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Prototype vs. JQuery vs. Dojo 0.9 vs. ???
Date Wed, 03 Oct 2007 01:38:05 GMT
I think forcing anyone to pick one library is a mistake.

On 10/2/07, Howard Lewis Ship <hlship@gmail.com> wrote:
> I've been having some fun wrapping my brain around JQuery.
> I'm not fully certain its a great fit however.
> For hand-tooled web pages, maybe traditional JSPs, it would be perfectly
> good.
> But it's really built around identifying elements that need "special
> attention" in terms of CSS class and page structure, and then applying
> uniform effects and logic (in the form of even handlers) to them.
> Tapestry is more geared towards the server side "seeding" the client side
> with specific element ids, and then hooking up the appropriate event handler
> that way.
> In fact, that is more Protoype's angle, the whole point of $("myid") being
> so easy.  JQuery lets you use Document.getElementById() ... it's one area
> where the $() function has no great magic.
> Can Tapestry shift?  Should it?  Would the newly revised Dojo be a better
> fit?
> --
> Howard M. Lewis Ship
> Partner and Senior Architect at Feature50
> Creator Apache Tapestry and Apache HiveMind

Jesse Kuhnert
Tapestry/Dojo team member/developer

Open source based consulting work centered around
dojo/tapestry/tacos/hivemind. http://blog.opencomponentry.com

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