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From Geoff Longman <glong...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Spindle & Tap 3.1 - pointed questions
Date Wed, 30 Mar 2005 20:10:11 GMT
BTW, I'm curious as to how everyone else works day to day with these
lookup rules. Does it ever cause confusion?

I have an opinion which is biased of course and not aligned with
trench dwelling Tap users anyhow.


> For a page called "admin/Menu" the lookup would proceed (for app namespace):
> 1. as defined in .application - how does that work with a <page> tag
> that allows extra path info in the name attr but still (according to
> Tap 3.1 DTD) requires a specification-path?
> i.e. <page name="admin/Menu" specification-path="app/extra/Menu.page"/>
> Ah, I think I understand. In this case Tapestry uses the path to
> locate the spec and if it's template is no co-located it uses the path
> info in the name to check if the template exists relative to the
> context root. no?
> 2. context/WEB-INF/path to .application/admin/Menu.page
> 3. context/WEB-INF/servlet-name/admin/Menu.page
> 4. context/WEB-INF/admin/Menu.page
> 5. context/admin/Menu.html
> (omitting the spec resolver delegate option).

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