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From Geoff Longman <glong...@gmail.com>
Subject Moving Spindle up to Tapestry 3.1
Date Sat, 19 Mar 2005 03:09:03 GMT
So, I'm now seriously looking at this an I was wondering about

The obvious thing to do is to go whole hog and produce a Hivemind
plugin that has features similar to Spindle
(validation/editors/wizards/etc) and then use the model built by that
plugin to feed things like editor completions into Spindle.

A nice goal and probably something to aspire to in the long run.

I've been out of the Hivemind loop for a long time (6 months?!?) and
was wondering what is the *minumum* hivemind savvy Spindle needs to
make Tapestry 3.1 users happy? The idea is to get Spindle support
going for Tap31 sooner, maybe a bit sparse, and fill in the holes as
we go along.

I guess I need to detect the hivemind modules (and add ability for
users manipulate the list of module files). So we can:

Harvest service ids: for <inject> tags
Harvest contributions (not too clear on this yet) for things like:
bindings and associated binding reference prefixes.

Anything else spring to mind on the HM front?

The other thing is I'm not sure how the component/page discovery story
has changed with/without the advent of friendly urls.

The old story is complex and I'm wondering how this has changed.

In short order I'll be diving into the Tap31 code but any pointers I
can save me hours of code spelunking.


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