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From "Brian K. Wallace" <br...@transmorphix.com>
Subject Re: Default binding prefixes
Date Thu, 31 Mar 2005 21:18:56 GMT
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I can definitely see confusion mounting from this type of "default one
way here and another way there" philosophy. Instead of "if I want to
display X, use 'X'" it's "if I want to display X, use 'X' - unless I'm
working in the page specification". Big fan here of "to do that, do this
every time" - keeps things simple.

That said...

I also see a deliniation of "HTML" vs "You've got a framework back
there" development. In having a web designer perform their work, they
should be able to default to their "native tongue" - literal values.
This might help 'push' component/page configuration back into the
specifications (which, for me, would re-emphasize the ability to have
page files alongside the HTML as well as [read: either/or - not both]
alongside the Java code). If this is clearly documented, it might
actually prove beneficial to some saying "If I'm dealing with a spec, I
_always_ do it this way. If I'm in the HTML, I _always_ do it that way."
Then for those needing more, you add in the "unless I want/need to do
something else".

End thought: I see the shortening of prefixes as a definite "good
thing", but I see a definite need to document/educate if there are going
to be two different defaults depending only on whether you're in a spec,
or the plain HTML. To quote your statement "users have to be careful" -
that's a sure sign of higher list activity forthcoming.

Howard Lewis Ship wrote:
| Didn't quite see this coming.
| The change *breaks* most existing code.
| For example:
| <html jwcid="@Shell" title="Private Assets">
| <body jwcid="@Body">
| <img jwcid="@Image" image="asset:logo"/>
| </body>
| </html>
| Since title is a formal parameter of Shell, the value ("Private
| Assets") is treated as an OGNL expression, not a literal.
| I think the rules get more complicated:
| - Informal parameters in HTML templates should default to "literal"
| - Informal parameters in spec should default to "ognl"
| - Formal parameters which do not explicitly define a prefix should
| default as with informal parameters
| - Formal parameters that explicitly define a default prefix should
| override the meta-default ("literal", or "ognl", depending on
| location).
| Once we apply these rules, we should be able to convert the template to:
| <html jwcid="@Shell" title="Private Assets">
| <body jwcid="@Body">
| <img jwcid="@Image" image="logo"/>
| </body>
| </html>
| ... after changing the Image component's image parameter's
| default-binding to "asset".  More dramatic gains elsewhere.
| Remember also that in any 3.0 specification, the element (<binding>,
| <message-binding>, <static-binding>) will implcitly use a prefix
| ("ognl", "message", "literal"). So for 3.0 DTDs there shouldn't be any
| ambiguity.  For 3.1, users have to be careful using a value without a
| "literal:" prefix, since it may be interpreted differently depending
| on the parameter.
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