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From Colin Sampaleanu <colin...@exis.com>
Subject Re: Tapestry 3.1 status
Date Wed, 03 Nov 2004 20:11:56 GMT

Can you provide more details about how HiveMind is plugged in here? I'm 
interested in the possibility of injecting service objects from a Spring 
application context, ideally via the same element. The current approach 
that some people use, to get at Spring managed services, is to bind via 
the initial value on the <property> tag. That works, but is nowhere near 
as clean as this looks to be.


Howard Lewis Ship wrote:

>Things are going quite nicely on the Tapestry 3.1 front.
>I just coded the <inject> specification element.  <inject> allows a
>HiveMind service (or configuration, etc. ... it leverages the same
>code as the object translator) to be injected into components as
>component properties.  Example:
>  <inject name="mailSender" object="service:mymodule.MailSender"/>
>  <inject name="toolbarItems"
>Or even:
>  <inject name="directService" object="engine-service:direct"/>
>(I just have to add an ObjectProvider for the engine-service: prefix. 
>Piece of cake).
>What's great is that I'm getting 100% code coverage without resorting
>to cumbersome integration tests (the mock unit tests, driven by the
>.xml files).
>I'm very much looking forward to "throwing open the gates". I've been
>having a struggle with Forrest 0.6 that I hope to resolve at some
>point and I have a little bit of work involving parameters (getting
>rid of parameter direction) and engine services.
>Tapestry is transforming yet again with the change from 3.0 to 3.1.
>It's in my nature to only the see the faults in my work; so while I
>delight in the news I hear of Tapestry adoption, I'm always concerned
>that others will see its warts.  Perhaps I suffer from "next release
>syndrome", but I think people will be hard pressed to find those warts
>in 3.1!
>I think it will be useful for others to start discussing the work they
>expect to start doing on 3.1.  Paul's talked about improving form
>validation, as has Harish. Erik or MindBridge has talked about
>retrofitting Foreach and Conditional to work inside Forms (as with
>FormConditional and ListEdit today).  I've been thinking in terms of
>dealing with many other issues with Forms, such as handling cancels,
>and refreshes properly, and untangling the mess of event handlers on
>the client side.
>There's the sad fact of all the documentation (particularily the new
>component reference) that must be done ... this is currently hostage
>to problems I'm having with Forrest 0.6.  All Tapestry 3.1
>documentation will now be generated from Forrest .xml files; no raw
>HTML, no DocBook.
>So far I've done exactly one component, Insert:
>There are placeholders for the other components in the framework. 
>There is nothing for the WML library, or for the components in the
>contrib library.

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