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From tapestry-...@jakarta.apache.org
Subject [Jakarta Tapestry Wiki] Updated: HiveMind
Date Wed, 03 Nov 2004 18:40:57 GMT
   Date: 2004-11-03T10:40:57
   Editor: HowardLewisShip <hlship@apache.org>
   Wiki: Jakarta Tapestry Wiki
   Page: HiveMind
   URL: http://wiki.apache.org/jakarta-tapestry/HiveMind

   no comment

Change Log:

@@ -9,11 +9,11 @@
 About the new elements. Is a new binding type needed? I mean, you just need a handle to the
service to bind it.
-I'm thinking a variation of <property-specification> would be nice..
+I'm thinking a variation of <property> would be nice..
 {{{<service-property name="boo" service-id="my.module.MyService" interface="com.x.y.MyService"/>}}}
-Would be cool if the class enhancement worked for this as it does for <property-specification>
+Would be cool if the class enhancement worked for this as it does for <property>
@@ -46,10 +46,13 @@
-    type="com.x.y.MyService"
+HowardLewisShip:  The <inject> element works great.  It's better than the hive option
(which is similar to what I came up with for TheServerSide); <inject> is much more efficient
at runtime. An initial-value is re-evaluated when the component is constructed, and at the
end of each request cycle.  The implementation of <inject> evaluates the HiveMind object
reference once, when the page or component is being enhanced (see ComponentClassEnhacement),
and retains that value, passing it into the page via a constructor, and storing it in an ordinary
instance variable.

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