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From Vince Marco <vma...@mac.com>
Subject Re: Components with style
Date Sat, 13 Dec 2003 17:01:43 GMT
I've found that the following CSS stylesheet organization works well:
         page.css (frequently not used)

This is twice as many as you suggest, but unused stylesheets generally 
go unchanged and for the most part remain invisible to the project 
efforts.  As projects proliferate this type of approach can provide 
much value.  I think the key to this type of org structure is to 
automatically pull in the application level and up stylesheets, and let 
the page level be optional (perhaps in the page spec).

But then again, I've had no problems in the past managing these 
stylesheets myself within the components.  Just be careful that 
whatever CSS organization you end up doing doesn't prevent me from 
doing my own CSS organization.


On Dec 13, 2003, at 9:38 AM, Erik Hatcher wrote:

> Keep in mind one of Tapestry's underlying principals to keep concerns 
> separate and let HTML be clean and totally within a designers hands.  
> CSS is another layer on top of the *structure* that HTML provides.  
> CSS is not something us "coders" are writing... it is really in a 
> layer above the structure and very much in the hands of the designers 
> if we are fortunate enough to have such artistic people handy on our 
> projects.  So, we need to tread carefully here to ensure that we make 
> it such that designers are allowed to work they need and want work.
> And it seems a single master stylesheet is how things are done and 
> perhaps one (or more) overriding ones for special sections of a site 
> or individual pages, or for different media types.  Right?

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