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From "Richard Lewis-Shell" <rlewissh...@mac.com>
Subject is info level logging appropriate now?
Date Fri, 19 Dec 2003 02:23:01 GMT
i am trying to figure out why websphere is insisting on logging tapestry 3's
info messages on its console.  websphere appears to configure
commons-logging to route log messages through its own logging package
(JRas), so i looked into commons-logging.  this from commons-logging
documentation (http://jakarta.apache.org/commons/logging/userguide.html):

General - Message Priorities/Levels
info - Interesting runtime events (startup/shutdown). Expect these to be
immediately visible on a console, so be conservative and keep to a minimum

so now it seems reasonable for websphere to show tapestry's LOG.info()
messages on the console.  what seems less reasonable is that tapestry is
using info for events that are not (imo) interesting - such as a service
start/end (AbstractEngine:850,996), adaptor registry loading
(AdaptorRegistry:160), page loading (PageLoader:882) etc...

any thoughts?  (if not, i will change at least these messages to debug)

it seems that there is actually a mismatch between commons-logging and
log4j.  commons-logging has a level beneath debug: trace.  perhaps tapestry
would be better off if all the messages were shunted down a level. ie.
info -> debug, debug -> trace.  trace messages end up with log4j as debug
priority.  this will mean those using log4j will get them all on debug
priority which seems unfortunate, but it appears to better match
commons-logging (and thus non log4j logging impls, including JDK 1.4
logging, and JRas).  any further thoughts?


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