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From "Richard Lewis-Shell" <rlewissh...@mac.com>
Subject TestEnhancedClassFactory.testCreateFailure() is failing (with JDK 1.3)
Date Mon, 08 Dec 2003 02:10:07 GMT
I am _FINALLY_ able to look at converting our crusty Tapestry 2.2 app to
3.0(b3).  :-)

First step is getting Tapestry to build with JDK 1.3 :-(

I was also seeing 3 failures when running the tests.  Erik - are you using
1.3 or 1.4?  I am assuming those of you using 1.4 are seeing 'green'.

I have fixed TestBinding.testTypeConverter() that was treating a Timestamp
as a Date.  Presumably this is less bad in 1.4 than it is in 1.3 - though
the javadocs for both versions advise against this.  I am not able to test
the changes I made to the test under 1.4, but from reading the 1.4 javadocs
for Timestamp the change should be compatible.  I'd appreciate if someone
could test it with 1.4 for real though.

I am now looking at the next failure -
TestEnhancedClassFactory.testCreateFailure().  This test is attempting to
enhance java.lang.Boolean, expecting an exception due to that class being
final.  For me, EnhancedClass.createEnhancedSubclass() does not throw an
exception.  But if one tries to actually instantiate the resulting enhanced
class a java.lang.VerifyError is thrown: Class
org/apache/tapestry/junit/enhance/Invalid is subclass of final class

Could it be that the 1.3 classloaders/VM are happier to load invalid classes
than 1.4?  If so, perhaps this test is just not valid under 1.3?

Any other ideas?

If there are no other thoughts on this, given that the exception resulting
from instantiating the invalid class is pretty useful, I suggest removing
the test.


PS. FYI, the failing output is:
     [java] There were 2 failures:
     [java] 1)
)junit.framework.AssertionFailedError: This code should be unreachable.
     [java]     at
     [java]     at

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