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From hls...@apache.org
Subject svn commit: r551700 - in /tapestry/tapestry5/trunk/tapestry-project: build.xml src/site/apt/dev/checklist.apt support/new-project.rb
Date Thu, 28 Jun 2007 21:16:56 GMT
Author: hlship
Date: Thu Jun 28 14:16:55 2007
New Revision: 551700

URL: http://svn.apache.org/viewvc?view=rev&rev=551700
Prep for release 5.0.5


Modified: tapestry/tapestry5/trunk/tapestry-project/build.xml
URL: http://svn.apache.org/viewvc/tapestry/tapestry5/trunk/tapestry-project/build.xml?view=diff&rev=551700&r1=551699&r2=551700
--- tapestry/tapestry5/trunk/tapestry-project/build.xml (original)
+++ tapestry/tapestry5/trunk/tapestry-project/build.xml Thu Jun 28 14:16:55 2007
@@ -86,7 +86,7 @@
 			<zipfileset prefix="quickstart" dir="../quickstart" includes="${sources}"/>
 			<zipfileset prefix="tapestry-component-report" dir="../tapestry-component-report" includes="${sources}"/>
 			<zipfileset prefix="tapestry-upload" dir="../tapestry-upload" includes="${sources}"/>
-			<zipfileset prefix="taepstry-tutorial1" dir="../taepstry-tutorial1" includes="${sources}"/>
+			<zipfileset prefix="tapestry-tutorial1" dir="../tapestry-tutorial1" includes="${sources}"/>

Modified: tapestry/tapestry5/trunk/tapestry-project/src/site/apt/dev/checklist.apt
URL: http://svn.apache.org/viewvc/tapestry/tapestry5/trunk/tapestry-project/src/site/apt/dev/checklist.apt?view=diff&rev=551700&r1=551699&r2=551700
--- tapestry/tapestry5/trunk/tapestry-project/src/site/apt/dev/checklist.apt (original)
+++ tapestry/tapestry5/trunk/tapestry-project/src/site/apt/dev/checklist.apt Thu Jun 28 14:16:55
@@ -68,15 +68,14 @@
 Build and Deploy Artifacts
-  From tapestry-project, execute <<<mvn deploy>>>
+  From tapestry-project, execute <<<mvn gpg:sign deploy>>>
-  This will deploy the tapestry-project POM and each of the module's JARs (including source
+  This will sign the artifacts using GPG and deploy them.  Alas, due to bugs in Maven, it
has a tendency to sign the signature files (".asc") and upload those as well; we'll clean
that up in a bit.
-  Since the version number is not longer -SNAPSHOT, it will be published to the Tapestry
Snapshot Repository ({{{http://people.apache.org/~hlship/tapestry-snapshot-repository/}http://people.apache.org/~hlship/tapestry-snapshot-repository/}}).
+  Since the version number is not longer -SNAPSHOT, each file
+  will be published to the Tapestry Snapshot Repository ({{{http://people.apache.org/~hlship/tapestry-snapshot-repository/}http://people.apache.org/~hlship/tapestry-snapshot-repository/}}).
   Once the vote on the release is approved, the files will be moved from there to the Apache
Ibiblio Sync directory, and from there to the world.
-  In addition, the Tapestry project site will be updated with all the new documentation.
   This takes 10 - 15 minutes. There's a whole lot of FTP-ing and SSH-ing going on.  Maven
tends to run the test suites repeatedly, which is a
   bummer (that tapestry-core suite starts up Firefox and Selenium and takes about a minute
to run each time).
@@ -84,9 +83,52 @@
   An Ant script is used to build traditional binary and source distributions.  It requires
Ant <<1.7.0>>.
-  From the tapestry-project directory,    
+  From the tapestry-project directory,  execute <<<ant>>>.
+$ ant
+Buildfile: build.xml
+     [echo] *** Building distribution for project version 5.0.5 ***
+     [echo] Building binary distribution
+      [zip] Building zip: /Users/Howard/Documents/workspace/tapestry-project/target/dist/tapestry-bin-5.0.5.zip
+      [tar] Building tar: /Users/Howard/Documents/workspace/tapestry-project/target/dist/tapestry-bin-5.0.5.tar.gz
+      [tar] Building tar: /Users/Howard/Documents/workspace/tapestry-project/target/dist/tapestry-bin-5.0.5.tar.bz2
+     [echo] Building source distribution
+      [zip] Building zip: /Users/Howard/Documents/workspace/tapestry-project/target/dist/tapestry-src-5.0.5.zip
+      [tar] Building tar: /Users/Howard/Documents/workspace/tapestry-project/target/dist/tapestry-src-5.0.5.tar.gz
+      [tar] Building tar: /Users/Howard/Documents/workspace/tapestry-project/target/dist/tapestry-src-5.0.5.tar.bz2
+     [echo] Generating MD5 Checksums
+     [echo] *** Please sign the distributions using GPG before uploading the files. ***
+Total time: 6 minutes 0 seconds
+  Now, sign the distribution, using <<<for i in target/dist/*.zip target/dist/*.gz
target/dist/*.bz2; do echo $i; gpg --armor --detach-sig $i; done>>>
+  (I set this up as an alias).  You'll be prompted for your GPG password six times (sorry!).
+  Finally, copy the distros up to the tapestry-releases directory, with <<<scp target/dist/*
+  (I set this up as an alias, too).
+Cleaning up
+  Alas, Maven leaves a bit of junk behind to be cleaned up.
+  You must login to people.apache.org and perform a couple of cleanups.  Starting in <<<~hlship/public_html>>>,
you must execute:
+  <<<find tapestry-ibiblio-rsynch-repository -name \*.asc.\* | xargs rm>>>>
+  This deletes lots of excess GnuPG signature files that were inadventently created and uploaded.
+  And, of course, permissions are never quite right:
+  <<<chmod -R ug+w tapestry-ibiblio-rsynch-repository/ tapestry-releases/>>>
 Commit Changes
   Commit changes to tapestry-project and all modules.

Modified: tapestry/tapestry5/trunk/tapestry-project/support/new-project.rb
URL: http://svn.apache.org/viewvc/tapestry/tapestry5/trunk/tapestry-project/support/new-project.rb?view=diff&rev=551700&r1=551699&r2=551700
--- tapestry/tapestry5/trunk/tapestry-project/support/new-project.rb (original)
+++ tapestry/tapestry5/trunk/tapestry-project/support/new-project.rb Thu Jun 28 14:16:55 2007
@@ -6,7 +6,7 @@
 $artifact = nil
 $package = nil
 $version = "1.0.0-SNAPSHOT"
-$archetypeVersion = "5.0.4"
+$archetypeVersion = "5.0.5"
 $offline = false
 $opts = OptionParser.new do |opts|

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