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From Anatole Tresch <atsti...@gmail.com>
Subject Fwd: Podling health - Github Accounts linked to active committers
Date Tue, 30 Apr 2019 19:04:23 GMT
Hi all

I think it is a good idea, to write these blogs as proposed and also to
revisit our homepage as suggested. I can definitivly help writing the
blogs, but I would be happy, if someone would like to jump in for actually
proposing/thinking on the blog's agenda/content... This would be a great
help due to my limited time...

OK? Other ideas?

J Anatole

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Von: David Blevins <david.blevins@gmail.com>
Date: Fr., 26. Apr. 2019 um 02:19 Uhr
Subject: Re: Podling health - Github Accounts linked to active committers
To: <private@tamaya.incubator.apache.org>

> On Apr 23, 2019, at 4:34 AM, Werner Keil <werner.keil@gmail.com> wrote:
> Some especially the likes of David Blevins are probably more
"representational figures" because except TomEE (also doubt it, he's mostly
into management now) I am sure he does no coding any more now.

He definitely spends most his time managing, but still codes on weekends
and evenings. :)  According to github I got 127 commits in February and 109
in March.  We do have some proprietary obligations, so I try to fall on
that sword and give the open source time to everyone else.

On the topic of Tamaya and activity.  It is very unlikely I'll have any
time.  I'm very happy if someone wants to step up as mentor/champion.

On things that can be done to raise the profile of the project and get more
troops for graduation, I strongly recommend two or three very small and
code-focused blog posts and submit them for inclusion here:

 - https://microprofile.io/blog/

Time them out by say 2 weeks.  They'll get on microprofile.io and be
retweeted by @MicroProfileIO which has 3k followers.

I took a look a the "Tamaya in 5 minutes" page.  It isn't really a getting
started in five minutes kind of page.  It's more an "essential resources"
kind of index, which if you click any of the links on the page will be way
more than five minutes.

It also makes another mistake I used to and still make a lot, assuming the
audience already knows MicroProfile Config or Tamaya's APIs.  That quick
start is only usable by the most experienced person.

I recommend taking this content and putting it on the front page so people
see code the second they visit:

 - http://tamaya.incubator.apache.org/documentation/quickstart.html

I'd flip the order of that first section so it went like this:

  - short description of Tamaya's goals and why it's unique
  - the maven coordinates
  - Add/define your configuration data (with a example configuration data
referenced in the subsequent example code)
  - Start Coding (the code block you have there)

That's good enough for now.  You can put the six boxes under that.  I
notice the link to the "as a standard" box is a 404.

In the future, I think this page is on the right track, especially with the
text to code ratio of "Configuration Auto-Discovery and Builders".  If you
had 4 or 5 of those on the Tamaya front page after the quickstart, that'd
be awesome.

 - http://tamaya.incubator.apache.org/features.html

I hope any of this is helpful.  It's super hard to see your own project
like others who are seeing it for the first time.  So I've tried to be
helpful as I can and give first impressions.  Feel free to chuck them all
in the garbage, it's ok :)

If you are going to push some content through MicroProfile.io, I might
suggest reconciling whether you want to put the Tamaya API for code on the
front page or the MicroProfile Config API for code on the front page.

There's a bit of a project decision that has to be made here.  Is the goal
to compete with MicroProfile Config or embrace it?  Right now it looks
competitive and the link to "as a standard" being a 404 doesn't give a
better perspective.

I think it will be an increasingly uphill battle to compete against the
MicroProfile Config API, so where they overlap, I would probably use the
MicroProfile Config API.  I suspect there might be a ton of coding to
achieve the following, but this would be a great thing to read in the

"Worlds most complete MicroProfile Config implementation with a rich set of
extensions any organization needs."

Show people how to start with the MicroProfile Config API and then go 10
steps further with all the unique ideas in the project that existed before
MicroProfile Config.  They would need to be recast "on top of" MicroProfile
Config, which is where the coding might come in.

But if you can make that happen, I smell overnight success.  There's a rich
set of real-world tested features in this, that's the advantage.  It's also
a disadvantage as all of them were coded before MicroProfile Config, so
unless they are adapted people can't use them and still use MicroProfile
Config APIs.  People are silently being asked to chose.  Eliminate that
from the equation and you'll jump 10 steps forward.


*Anatole Tresch*
PPMC Member Apache Tamaya
JCP Star Spec Lead
*Switzerland, Europe Zurich, GMT+1*
*maketechsimple.wordpress.com <http://maketechsimple.wordpress.com/> *
*Twitter:  @atsticks, @tamayaconf*

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