I'm currently working on the GSoC proposal and looking for contribute on Caffe2DML, Keras2DML script generators. I would like to know the sub task in details. As far as I can understand when user writes a Caffe, Keras script it should be convert to the DML script. In such case I have a couple of questions,
  1. As a example keras do support theano, tensorflow backends, in this script generator are we going to use theano/tensorflow backends as well? if it does the script conversion should happen like this(I guess)...
    Screen Shot 2018-03-16 at 12.22.19 AM.png

  2. How is the mapping functionality happen between framework script and DML script?
  3. And what could be the limitation, such as are we define all the DML functionality in terms of keras/caffe?
 Also I'm hoping to contribute on [SYSTEMML-2085] Basic runtime primitives as well hope to get the details of it as well.
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