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From Matthias Boehm <>
Subject Re: [Discuss] GSoC 2018
Date Mon, 22 Jan 2018 08:13:42 GMT
yes, that is a good idea and we should leverage this opportunity. I'm 
happy to mentor a project as well, specifically on parameter server 
architectures for distributed deep learning in SystemML.

Right now we can emulate synchronous parameter servers with parfor, but 
there are other architectures like asynchronous, stale-synchronous, 
heterogeneity-aware, and decentralized, which we should support as well 
in form of a dedicated runtime infrastructure similar to local/remote 
parfor. If done right, we should be able to leverage common primitives 
in parfor and these parameter servers.

Apart from better support for distributed deep learning, this would 
bring us much closer to the goal of a unified framework for large-scale 
machine learning as we would be the only framework that supports 
data-parallel (distributed ops), task-parallel (parfor), and 
model-parallel (parameter server) execution strategies in a single system.

I'll create an epic with sub tasks later this week. The goal would be to 
integrate these parameter servers with the underlying data-parallel 
framework to have a common runtime for distributed operations and 
automatically support all underlying resource schedulers such as YARN, 
Mesos, and Kubernetes. Since the project is relatively large, we might 
need to split it up into multiple GSoC projects along with multiple mentors.


On 1/22/2018 8:53 AM, Nakul Jindal wrote:
> Hi Krishna,
> That is a great idea. Thank you for offering to be a mentor/co-mentor.
> I suggest that you think of a list of projects that you can mentor, discuss
> them on the mailing list and we can add them as JIRAs with the appropriate
> tags (as required by Apache).
> If there are students on this mailing list who want to suggest a topic,
> that is very welcome too. If a mentor is willing to take it on, they will
> respond either here or on a JIRA.
> -Nakul
> On Sun, Jan 21, 2018 at 9:49 PM, Krishna Kalyan <>
> wrote:
>> Hello All,
>> I was wondering if system-ml community was planning to participate in GSoC
>> this year. I had a wonderful time last year and learned a lot!.
>> If we could have a couple of JIRAS for GSoC 2018 it would be great. I am
>> willing to help out as a mentor/ co-mentor if that is a bottleneck.
>> [1] GSoC Website (
>> [2] GSoC Time Line (
>> com/open-source/gsoc/timeline)
>> [3] GSoC 2017 JIRA (
>> Regards,
>> Krishna

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