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From alok singh <>
Subject Re: [PROPOSAL] R4ML Integration with SystemML
Date Fri, 22 Sep 2017 02:32:52 GMT

 We (me and Brendan) has been focusing on other things  like journeys apart from new MLCtx
changes. R4ML commits and PR you can also review,
I think code will definitely be maintained.


From: Deron Eriksson <>
Sent: Thursday, September 21, 2017 6:03 PM
Subject: Re: [PROPOSAL] R4ML Integration with SystemML
> * Looking over the github repo, apparently R4ML is not under active
> development/maintenance anymore (last commit Jul 20). So who would be
> willing to maintain and extend it?
> ALOK: We will doing development into it . there are open PR already.
No commits since Jul 20 does raise warning flags, as Matthias pointed out.
For some perspective, SystemML has 1013 commits in the last year (~2.78 per
day). No R4ML commits in 2 months is concerning for obvious reasons. It
implies no real work has been done on the project for months.

> * Providing wrappers for our algorithm scripts would be just a start
> because it hides our core value proposition of custom large-scale ML.
> Hence, we would also need an MLContext equivalent that allows to execute
> arbitrary DML scripts or R functions. Is there already a tentative design
> of such an API and if not, who would like to take it over?
> ALOK: Currently no out of box MLCtx.
I believe this also raises some warning flags. Looking over the code at, it looks 

r4ml - Scalable R for Machine Learning

like the code in the R4ML master branch utilizes an old API that does not
currently exist in SystemML. As Matthias pointed out, a key value
proposition of SystemML is customizable machine learning, which would
require an API that currently exists in the project.

That said, I believe an R API interface to SystemML is extremely valuable
and I think the whole SystemML community would benefit from the R API, and
I hope you will pursue the issue further. It looks like it has been in
development since June ( 

[WIP][I-50][R4ML-123] new MLContext API by aloknsingh · Pull Request #50 · SparkTC/r4ml
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