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From alok singh <>
Subject [PROPOSAL] R4ML Integration with SystemML
Date Thu, 21 Sep 2017 23:38:40 GMT
Hi All,

I just  This in ref to the thread using new id so can't reply to thread "[DISCUSS] R-Interface
to SystemML"

Thanks Deron and Matthias and Niketon for the feedback.

I will create the official proposal next week and send the details.

I will have some emails now.

Here I am just copy pasting the main points by individuals in the stack order

* Looking over the github repo, apparently R4ML is not under active
development/maintenance anymore (last commit Jul 20). So who would be
willing to maintain and extend it?

* Providing wrappers for our algorithm scripts would be just a start
because it hides our core value proposition of custom large-scale ML.
Hence, we would also need an MLContext equivalent that allows to execute
arbitrary DML scripts or R functions. Is there already a tentative design
of such an API and if not, who would like to take it over?

Perhaps R4ML committers could supply a little more info? For instance:
> 1) Would they like to merge R4ML code into the main SystemML project
> itself? (Currently we have no modules.)
> 2) What would they like to merge?
> 3) If so, how do they propose to do so?
> 4) Who will do the majority of the work to add R4ML code to SystemML? Or
> who would like to volunteer to do this?
> 5) Who will maintain the contributed code? Or who would like to volunteer
> to do this?
> 6) Documentation is needed (fit in SystemML documentation framework).
> 7) Testing is needed (fit into SystemML testing framework).
> 8) How is this packaged?


Also, comparing the features of R4ML with that of our Python APIs will be
useful as it might make a stronger case for R4ML.

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