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Subject [GSOC] Call for Proposals
Date Fri, 20 Jan 2017 00:21:46 GMT

Hi all,

the application for organizations for this year's Google Summer of Code 
(GSoC) opened today and I would encourage everyone to submit project 

We should come up with a list of good proposals that we will make part 
of our application as a mentoring organization. Students from all over 
the world can then read those proposals and apply to work on them. In 
case there are people on this mailing-list who are interested in working 
on a SystemML related project, they can also propose and discuss ideas 

For guidelines how to write a proposal please refer to he Google help 

I would say you can write proposals for projects that you don't want to 
mentor yourself but in the end we need at least one mentor per project. 
It is likely that the number of total students assigned to organizations 
new to GSoC (like SystemML) will be between 0 and 2 but the more (good 
quality) proposals we can get, the better.

My suggestion is to collect proposal ideas in this thread and aggregate 
them with a more detailed description in a google doc or something once 
it's time to get ready for submission.

Happy proposing!

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