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From "Matthias Boehm" <>
Subject Re: Release notes for 0.10.0
Date Tue, 14 Jun 2016 07:39:04 GMT

the sub-bullet "c - fixes backwards compatibility MRv1" also referred to
(1) guava dependency conflicts (for MRv1, the classpath has a very old
version), and (2) a couple of runtime changes such as SYSTEMML-513 (task
handling for multiple output committer which overwrites the default file
output committer).


From:	Berthold Reinwald/Almaden/IBM@IBMUS
Date:	06/14/2016 12:18 AM
Subject:	Re: Release notes for 0.10.0

this color

Berthold Reinwald
IBM Almaden Research Center
office: (408) 927 2208; T/L: 457 2208

From:   Matthias Boehm/Almaden/IBM@IBMUS
Date:   06/13/2016 11:25 PM
Subject:        Re: Release notes for 0.10.0

ok, here is a first draft of the release notes - please feel free to
extend or prune this:

a) [SYSTEMML-377] Different internal implementation types of spark matrix
* Supported internal formats: MCSR (default), CSR, COO
* Automatic MCSR->CSR on Spark read/caching (for memory efficiency)
* Automatic MCSR->CSR on sparse update-in-place (avoid serialization)

b) [SYSTEMML-554] Enhanced SystemML Frame support for JMLC API / CP
* SystemML frame data type, deeply integrated into compiler and runtime
* New builtin functions: transform, transformapply, transformencode,
transformdecode, transformmeta
* Supported operations: read/write, left/right indexing, casting, append,

c) Framework compatibility / configuration
* [SYSTEMML-418] Version-specific Spark memory budgets (>=1.6, legacy)
* [SYSTEMML-158] Updated deprecated Hadoop properties
* [SYSTEMML-476] Version-specific MR configuration handling (MRv2, MRv1)
* Fixes for backwards compatibility to MRv1 (?? shouldn't this be in -158
* New pass-through mapred/mapreduce configurations through SystemML-config
* [SYSTEMML-584/585] New thread-local configuration handling (compiler/dml

d) Deep learning support (experimental)
* [SYSTMEML-618] New DML-bodied function library for deep learning
* [SYSTEMML-540] New builtin singlenode operations: conv2d, maxpooling,
im2col, col2im, rotate
* New lenet-train DML script (staging)

e) API/script usability
* [SYSTEMML-607/604/611] Parser error handling
* [SYSTEMML-506/508/544/577/649/651] Extended MLContext/JMLC APIs
* [SYSTEMML-625/626/632] Improved source statement handling (e.g.,
imports, absolute paths)
* [SYSTEMML-617/631/654] Improved name space handling
* [SYSTEMML-240] Extended stats outputs for Spark
* [SYSTEMML-495] SystemML configuration handling
* [SYSTEMML-209] Include algorithms in systemml jar
* [SYSTEMML-647/648] Deprecated castAsScalar, ppred
* [SYSTEMML-477] JSON meta data handling
* [SYSTEMML-294] Print matrix builtin function
* [SYSTEMML-296/676/670] Improved PyDML syntax: slicing, rand, cdf, elif
* [SYSTEMML-675] Support for negative for/parfor loop increments

f) New fused physical operators
* [SYSTEMML-488] Fused wdivmm w/ 4 operands
* [SYSTEMML-510] Fused wdivmm/wcemm w/ eps term

g) Various performance features
* [SYSTEMML-427/512] Extended IPA (propagate scalar variables)
* [SYSTEMML-282] Extended update-in-place support for parfor intermediates

* [SYSTEMML-552/399] Performance parallel binary/text readers (sort
sparse/nnz handling)
* [SYSTEMML-552/641] Cache-conscious operations: sparse-dense
wdivmm/wsloss, sparse-dense/sparse-sparse mm, dense-dense skinny rhs mm
* [SYSTEMML-641] Tuned special cases for block matrix multiplication:
e.g., mm w/ skinny rhs, colwise parallelization wide rhs
* [SYSTEMML-396/400] New/extended multithreaded operations:
cumsum/cummin/cummax/cumprod, transpose, and rand
* [SYSTEMML-510/694] New simplification rewrites: "pushdown
unaryagg-transpose", "simplify transpose-aggbin-binary chains", "reorder
minus-mmult", "canonicalize matmult-add-scalar", improved constant folding
(all unary)
* [SYSTEMML-653] Asynchronous bufferpool cleanup of evicted files / nio
file eviction
- MR iqm/quantile/median (qsort num reducers, qpick buffer size)

h) DML script updates
* [SYSTEMML-536] New KNN algorithm (still staging)
* [SYSTEMML-534] Optional console output univariate statistics
* [SYSTMEML-494] GLM compiler warnings
* Robustness input/output handling L2SVM, MSVM, and Naive Bayes
* Random data generator for ALS

i) Various fixes
- Dozens of fixes for diverse issues, fix pack for 0.9 release

j) Build, documentation, examples
* [SYSTEMML-551] Enhanced jmlc javadoc
* [SYSTEMML-484] Build javadoc jar
* [SYSTEMML-468] Contributing to SystemML doc
* [SYSTEMML-517/524] DML language ref updates
* [SYSTEMML-498] Trouble shooting guide
* SystemML Jupyter/Zeppelin notebook examples


Deron Eriksson ---06/13/2016 01:29:16 PM---Hi, We need to put together a
page of release notes for the 0.10.0 release

From: Deron Eriksson <>
Date: 06/13/2016 01:29 PM
Subject: Release notes for 0.10.0


We need to put together a page of release notes for the 0.10.0 release
(similar to
Could SystemML committers and contributors please respond to this thread
with what they feel are the major updates/improvements in this release?


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