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From Ethan Xu <>
Subject 'sample.dml' replaces rows with 0's
Date Thu, 14 Apr 2016 20:37:14 GMT

I encountered an unexpected behavior from 'sample.dml' on a dataset on
Hadoop. Instead of splitting the data, it replaced rows of original data
with 0's. Here are the details:

I called sample.dml in attempt to split is a 35 million by 2396 numeric
matrix to two 80% and 20% subsets. The two outcome subsets '1' and '2' both
still contain 35 million rows, instead of 35*80% and 35*20% rows.

However it looks like 20% of the rows in '1' are replaced with 0's (but not
removed). It is as if line 66 of sample.dml (
that calls removeEmpty() doesn't exist.

Here is the submission script:

printf "0.8\n0.2" | hadoop fs -put - /path/split-perc.csv
echo '{"data_type": "matrix", "value_type":"double", "rows": 2, "cols": 1,
"format": "csv"}' | hadoop fs -put - /path/split-perc.csv.mtd

## Split file to training and test sets
hadoop jar $sysJar /
-config=$sysConfCust -nvargs X=/path/originalData.csv
sv=/path/split-perc.csv O=/path/train-test ofmt=csv

There was no error messages and all MR jobs were executed successfully.
What other information can I provide to diagnose the issue?



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