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From "Matthias Boehm" <>
Subject Re: Creating a new SystemML maintenance release: 0.9.1
Date Tue, 22 Mar 2016 05:22:20 GMT

ok here is the list of fixes to backport for the 0.9.1 release (in reverse
chronological order) - any volunteers?

1) Source code fixes:

* [SYSTEMML-585] Fix JMLC connection to disable any multi-threaded ops
* Fix error handling multi-threaded mm/mmchain/wsigmoid/wumm (via futures)
* [SYSTEMML-576] Checkpoint fails for empty matrix object
* Fix jmlc/mlcontext apis w/ multiple inputs (disable cse persistent read)
* [SYSTEMML-571] Uaggouterchain fix
* Fix simplification rewrite 'simplify reverse op' w/ multiple consumers
* Adding a fix for transform()
* Provide error message when the transform and output path overlaps
* [SYSTEMML-504] Fix core libmatrixmult (no rhs parallel on ultra-sparse)
* Fix NullPointerException bug in transform
* Performance mr iqm/quantile/median (qsort num red, qpick buffer size)
* Fix mr iqm/quantile record readers (bounded partition read, progress)
* Fix mr iqm pick range record reader (current part weights), incl cleanup
* [SYSTEMML-513] Fix robustness backwards compatibility Hadoop 1.x / MRv1
* Fix csv reblock multiple inputs w/ same name (new cse persistent reads)
* Fix backwards compatibility mr v1 (jobconf get instead of getdouble)
* Fix simplification rewrite 'remove unnecessary reorg' (op equivalence)
* Fix robustness datagenop rewrites / ipa (operation-specific checks)
* Fix automatic vectorization of left indexing chains (size updates)
* Fix spark matrix-scalar builtin instructions log/log_nz (opcode checks)
* Fix error handling ultra-sparse data generation (int overflow)

2) Build and misc cleanup (some of which might have already been



From:	Luciano Resende <>
Date:	03/18/2016 03:02 PM
Subject:	Re: Creating a new SystemML maintenance release: 0.9.1

On Fri, Mar 18, 2016 at 2:45 PM, Frederick R Reiss <>

> Hi all,
> Since we have fixed a number of issues since the 0.9.0 release, it's
> time to do a maintenance release of SystemML. As a reminder, the release
> process goes as follows:
> Step 1: Identify the full set of fixes to be backported into the 0.9.x
> branch.
> Step 2: Backport the fixes and their associated regression tests to the
> 0.9.x branch.
> Step 3: Run all automated regression tests on the 0.9.x branch.
> Step 4: Use the script dev/release/ to create release
> packages.
> Step 5: Post the release packages on
> Step 6: Simultaneously hold a vote on the release and manually test the
> release.
> Step 7: Make the release public.
Note that you need to get the released approved in the IPMC before making
it public. This means another vote on general@a.o

> We are currently at step 1. Please reply to this thread with (a) JIRA IDs
> of resolved issues that you believe should be in the mainentance release
> and (b) JIRA ids of open issues that must be fixed before we can do the
> maintenance release.
> Fred

Luciano Resende

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