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From "Matthias Boehm" <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Release SystemML 0.9.0-incubating (RC3)
Date Sun, 31 Jan 2016 05:50:24 GMT


Just for the backlog of a potential maintenance release 0.9.1 - here is the
list of fixes that we would need to backport:

0a2b587 Fix automatic vectorization of left indexing chains (size updates)
ad3fa90 Fix spark matrix-scalar builtin instructions log/log_nz (opcode
10d1afc Fix error handling ultra-sparse data generation (int overflow)


From:	Deron Eriksson <>
Date:	01/29/2016 06:07 PM
Subject:	Re: [VOTE] Release SystemML 0.9.0-incubating (RC3)


Looks great! All the issues from SYSTEMML-463 appear to be fixed.

During my inspection I noticed that there might be a little redundancy with
a couple of the libraries (see META-INF/DEPENDENCIES in the jar and compare
to contents of the standalone lib directory). Later on, we might want to
modify the pom.xml and/or assembly plugin code to eliminate any duplication
(perhaps remove antlr4-annotations, antlr4-runtime, wink-json4j from the
lib directory).

Also, locally I saw some test failures when I ran 'mvn verify' locally on
the src package (probably a local configuration issue), but I ran Jenkins
on the apache branch-0.9 and all tests passed.

Great work everyone!


On Fri, Jan 29, 2016 at 11:08 AM, Glenn Weidner <>
  Successfully executed commands from Quick Start guide ( using unzipped on local machine
  (Windows 7 with 64-bit JDK's 1.7 and 1.8) as shown in attached console
  (See attached file: test_quick_start_windows_results.txt)

  runStandaloneSystemML.bat scripts/algorithms/Univar-Stats.dml -nvargs
  X=data/ TYPES=data/types.csv STATS=data/univarOut.mtx
  runStandaloneSystemML.bat scripts/utils/sample.dml -nvargs
  X=data/ sv=data/perc.csv O=data/haberman.part ofmt="csv"
  runStandaloneSystemML.bat scripts/utils/splitXY.dml -nvargs
  X=data/haberman.part/1 y=4 OX=data/
  OY=data/haberman.train.labels.csv ofmt="csv"
  runStandaloneSystemML.bat scripts/utils/splitXY.dml -nvargs
  X=data/haberman.part/2 y=4 OX=data/
  OY=data/haberman.test.labels.csv  ofmt="csv"
  runStandaloneSystemML.bat scripts/algorithms/l2-svm.dml -nvargs
  X=data/ Y=data/haberman.train.labels.csv
  model=data/l2-svm-model.csv fmt="csv" Log=data/l2-svm-log.csv
  runStandaloneSystemML.bat scripts/algorithms/l2-svm-predict.dml -nvargs
  X=data/ Y=data/haberman.test.labels.csv
  model=data/l2-svm-model.csv fmt="csv" confusion=data/l2-svm-confusion.csv


  Mike Dusenberry ---01/29/2016 10:42:14 AM---+1 Unarchived and executed
  basic scripts with all distributions on a local

  From: Mike Dusenberry <>
  To: "" <>
  Date: 01/29/2016 10:42 AM
  Subject: Re: [VOTE] Release SystemML 0.9.0-incubating (RC3)


  Unarchived and executed basic scripts with all distributions on a local
  machine (OS X 10.10.5, JDK  1.8.0_66, Spark 1.6), and a cluster (CentOS
  1 + 10 nodes, 256 GB RAM each, Hadoop + YARN + HDFS, Spark 1.4, Spark

  - Mike


  Michael W. Dusenberry

  On Jan 28, 2016, at 5:26 PM, Luciano Resende <>

  Please vote on releasing the following candidate as Apache SystemML

  The vote is open for at least 72 hours and passes if a majority of at
  3 +1 PMC votes are cast.

  [ ] +1 Release this package as Apache SystemML 0.9.0
  [ ] -1 Do not release this package because ...

  To learn more about Apache SystemML, please see

  The tag to be voted on is v0.9.0-rc3

  The release files, including signatures, digests, etc. can be found at:

  The distribution is also available at:

  == Apache Incubator release policy ==
  Please find below the guide to release management during incubation:

  == How can I help test this release? ==
  If you are a SystemML user, you can help us test this release by taking
  existing Algorithm or workload and running on this release candidate,
  reporting any regressions.

  == What justifies a -1 vote for this release? ==
  -1 votes should only occur for significant stop-ship bugs or legal
  issues (e.g. wrong license, missing header files, etc). Minor bugs or
  regressions should not block this release.

  Luciano Resende

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