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Thank you for information.

Now i'm trying to run on ubuntu server at Apache Tomcat. I completed your wiki exactly. But when i deploy syncope-console always gives session expired error and for syncope application, tomcat web application manager says FAIL - Application at context path /syncope could not be started

When you say "your wiki", I guess you are referring to [1].

I'd suggest to first deploy syncope.war, and to take a look at Tomcat log files (mainly catalina.out) while deploying in order to catch the first exception during WAR deployment and provide necessary action.

Problems in deploying Syncope core are often due to missing JDBC driver (did you put mysql-connector-java-XXXX.jar or the JDBC driver for your DBMS in Tomcat's classpath, e.g. under $CATALINA_HOME/lib, *before* starting Tomcat for deploying Syncope?) but can vary across many reasons.

The error related to Syncope console is instead due to the fact that it cannot contact the Syncope core - in this case it could very well be because the Syncope core is just not available.


[1] https://cwiki.apache.org/confluence/display/SYNCOPE/Run+Syncope+in+real+environments

If you can look my war files can be downloadable from this links;

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