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From Bob Lannoy <>
Subject Users & roles
Date Fri, 30 Mar 2012 11:42:52 GMT

suppose I have users & hierarchical roles in Syncope and an external
system (tomcat webapp) that needs to authenticate those users and get
the roles.
Can you give me an indication on how I would go about this?

I did some preliminary tests:
- I can do an authentication to core using basic auth, but I saw that
the user object also contains the hashed password of the user
- /auth/getentitlements doesn't give me the roles of the connected user
- /user/read?username=user : gives me the user but only if I
authenticated with a user that has the possiblity to read other users
as well. This means I should have some kind of administration
connection to core instead of a user specific connection?
- if there are hierarchical roles, I only get the child role. I
suppose I have to walk the tree myself to retrieve the other roles?
i.e. based on response to role/list request?


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