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From "Dalrymple, Philip" <>
Subject I am having trouble setting up my build system for Syncope and need some help on deployment.
Date Tue, 10 Sep 2019 13:54:22 GMT
I am new to Syncope but it looks like just what we need for Identity management. I will have
make a couple of changes but first I thought to get a system up and running without any changes.
So I first tried the docker deployment, I was able to get this up but any tweaking was real
(as the notes said it would be) so I shifted to the Maven method noted in the getting started
this did not go well so, given that I wanted to make some changes to the code anyway I next

build a new VM (Centos 7) and got java 12 and the latest Maven and the latest Tomcat up and

running on it. I forked the GitHub repo and then made a working copy on my Getlab server so

that the pull requests will be clean (I will Meld any code changes back to the forked repo
my working that will be good in the default project).

I did find three things that I did need. 

1) the options for Maven changed with version of Java after 8 (in the up stream building.xml)

2) the patch program is needed to build one of the sub modules (again in up stream building.xml)

3) docker is needed for the PostgreSQL test (and I assume to docker one but I have not tried
that yet)
     AND even on unix (where it is in general not needed) you have to set DOCKER_HOST to unix://localhost
     If it makes sense I will update builing.xml with that note, I have not yet.

After these changes I was able to build but could not do so following the instructions in
building.xml. I had to 
first do:
mvn -PskipTests,all
mvn -PskipTests,install

then I could do a 

mvn clean install

as much as I wanted without error. (I have been making small changes to
the code and testing).

I am not sure what might be wrong with my build setup, how can I trouble shoot this?

Second. Once I have a good source build what is the best way to deploy it to a tomcat
running on this (and another) system?

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