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From Andrea Patricelli <>
Subject Re: Reorganizing Travis CI with build stages
Date Mon, 09 Sep 2019 14:14:52 GMT

Il 09/09/19 16:07, Misagh Moayyed ha scritto:
>> thanks for bringing this item to discussion: improving our CI power is
>> definitely more than welcome.
>> I would say there are several requirements one might want to handle:
> All sounds excellent. Once the proper structure is in, it would be quite easy to add
jobs to cover all additional test cases. I'll need some help to figure out how to run the
IT tests for different systems and specifically separate them per job to minimize time, but
those would be trivial to include and massage once the basics start working.
> ...and to answer Andrea's question: yes absolutely! integrations tests can totally be
added for all sorts of systems. The IT tests that CAS runs mostly pull down docker images
and run tests against predefined addresses and ports to connect to an external system. Syncope
can more or less follow the same approach, or we could also take advantage of the test-containers
project to simplify the setup; that would be a good experiment. (No such thing as test-containers
existed at the time CAS started doing this)
Great! Basically I meant points 3, 4, 5 of Francesco's list. Is quite 
simple to run on different containers or DBMSes, it is all summarized at 
[1]. BTW for any help doing this job don't hesitate to ask.
>> I am not sure about [3] - we should ask ASF Infra to issue such a
>> request, in case, as they are the actual owner of the GitHub repo.
> That's totally possible and in fact, it might simpler than that. One could just send
an email to Travis CI, asking them to increase the timeout. They are super quick to respond,
and all related changes are done on their end; nothing to modify as far as the GH repo goes
for Syncope. Still, ASF Infra might be better to submit that email...and we might not even
need it, if individual jobs can run under the current 50-minute timeout.
> I'll create a JIRA to track this with possible sub-tasks and will get to work. This will
take a number of tries, so apologies beforehand for the noise.

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