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From Andrea Patricelli <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] Enabling Apache Maven wrapper
Date Wed, 25 Sep 2019 09:39:18 GMT

Il 25/09/19 10:51, Misagh Moayyed ha scritto:
>> Maybe is out of the scope of the plugin, but my only concern is about
>> the JDK on which maven relies (and Syncope needs to be built to have a
>> consistent artifact). Often the main build problems for users come from
>> "wrong" JDK versions used. Does this plugin also handles JDK versions in
>> a self-contained manner?
> Unfortunately, no. This specifically deals with Maven installs, and the plugin assumes
a *correct* JDK version is already available, whatever it happens to be for the project. In
fact, I am not aware of any similar solutions for the JDK. Most solutions I see rely on docker
that uses a relevant openjdk base image and then the build executes commands inside the docker
container's shell. It works, and it does have its own use cases but it's way too complicated
to set up and reason about, for my taste.
Ok, thanks for the clarification. Since this solution does not impact a 
lot the code I do not see any problems on applying this PR.
> Speaking out loud, this plugin (or future efforts in this area) only impact contributors
who deal with the Syncope codebase. Those who, for example, deploy Syncope using overlays
and archetypes are unaffected by this, and may face similar issues. It might be interesting
to include this sort of thing in the archetype as well, though we'd have a chicken-and-egg
problem given that one needs maven to generate the project :) So, probably not worth the effort

Yes agree about this remora about adding it to the archetype.

Best regards,

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